Anonymous asked: gav you are adorable can i have a hug





fandomsscattered asked: Gav, you are wise beyond your years.

i tri


fandomsscattered asked: Sounds fun. Did you have popcorn?



madame-thenardiers-diary asked: it's better than when your father used the pants i made him as a place to store money



fandomsscattered asked: Gav you still need to make a pillow fort if you haven't made one before.

i mayd one wiith gran an enj an corf one niyt!!!!!!!

we waytchd moovees in iit!!!


madame-thenardiers-diary asked: i'll fix it bring it here


leet me geet it




fandomsscattered asked: Gavroche. Did you keep it? It can be a blanket. Or a pillow fort roof. Oh my gosh I love pillow forts.

i hav iit

i just caynt weer it


madame-thenardiers-diary asked: i switched it with my phone when you weren't looking


i wont leet yu geet awaay with thiis!!!!!!!!!!!!